Moraine Park Student Has Gone Viral!

John Strattman IMD

Moraine Park interactive media design (IMD) student, John Stratman, has hit some remarkable online milestones.

His 8-bit trailers have created quite a stir on the internet, and among many big names in Hollywood and the film industry. The term “viral” isn’t one of John’s favorites… but, I’m not sure how else to give credit to his work that has brought in hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of views.

John, a resident of Beaver Dam, has always had an interest in animation. Prior to coming to Moraine Park, he had been working with storytelling animations. In 2016, he decided to enhance his skills by enrolling in Moraine Park’s IMD program. It didn’t take long for his work to get online attention, and in late 2016, partnered with Mr. Sunday Movies, an Australian YouTuber that specializes in movie related videos. John noted that his education at Moraine Park has helped him enhance his animation skills and empower him to try new methods.

John Strattman IMD

John works closely with Mr. Sunday, creating 16-bit scene remakes. His work is then featured on Mr. Sunday’s YouTube channel, allowing his animations to reach a broader audience. A link to his portfolio is included below. This October, as a result of online attention, one of his Avengers scene remakes was featured on Huffington Post.

These are the other call-outs that John considers milestones.

So, what’s next for John?

He currently has a couple of secret projects in the works, one which he noted is not for the web (he has hinted that it might be for TV) and is his biggest project to date.

John Strattman IMD

To view his animation portfolio, visit 

Can you find his trailers that have gotten over 100k views? (Hint.. there are some over 1 million, and one with over 4 million views).

Congratulations to John for all of his accomplishments so far. We look forward to watching him grow in his talents!

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller