Moraine Park Degree Prepares Students for Work from Home Careers

work from home

Moraine Park’s Virtual Assistant program is working to help fill the increased need for remote workers. This technical diploma program is offered online and provides the tools and skills needed to excel in a work-from-home career. 

This program, formerly the Office Assistant program, was modified last year before COVID-19, to address the increased virtual needs all around. 

“There was an increased need for virtual careers well before COVID-19,” Amy Harmsen, an instructor at Moraine Park, said. “Now with the changes that resulted from the pandemic, I feel this program will help many individuals find employment options that work for their new reality.” 

The Virtual Assistant program is a one-year program and opens the doors of opportunity in many areas. 

“The Virtual Assistant program prepares you to work in just about any industry,” Harmsen said. “Fields such as healthcare, insurance, information technology, hospitality, retail, and more, need virtual support. This program is also a stepping stone for the Administrative Coordinator two year associate degree.” 

Students in this program learn a broad range of skills that will help address the needs of local businesses.

“This degree isn’t just for virtual careers. It helps to prepare business professionals all around,” she said. “Our students leave this program prepared to be problem solvers and flexible, and they have the tools needed to adapt to changing needs.” 

This year’s students have had to make some significant adjustments to their meeting and event planning class, which is usually centered around planning the in-person Portfolio Showcase event for the College. Instead, they are moving forward with the same event- except it will be delivered as a virtual event this year which provides a great opportunity for deeper learning.

“This class is getting real-world experience on how to be flexible and learn as they go,” Harmsen said. “I’m proud of their professional solutions. They will be entering the workforce at the end of this semester, and I am confident that they are prepared for what may lie ahead in their careers.” 

Moraine Park’s Virtual Assistant program is the only program of its kind offered in the state, and its virtual classroom setting offers an ideal learning environment for busy schedules. 

“If you’re interested in finding a career that offers the work from home flexibility or if you simply want to advance your skillset- this program is a great option,” Harmsen said. “This program can help prepare you for an assistant role. Employers can utilize this program to prepare employees and provide them with opportunities for growth and advancement internally.” 

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller