Bye bye, deep fryer! Hello, healthy summer!

Lois showing a student how to fillet a fish

The cafeteria menu at Moraine Park will have a bit of a new look coming up in summer. This summer the culinary arts department will be aiming to serve up some great tasting food that is good for your body. The food will be just as delicious as always but with an aim towards health.

The salad bar and breakfast/yogurt bar will be available and stocked with yummy choices. Desserts will be offered, but with a bit healthier approach to them. There will also be sandwiches and salads that will be 500 calories or less per serving. The menu will incorporate and highlight many healthy ingredients like chicken, seafood, pork, fruits, and veggies.Healthy Bites poster

This healthier menu will also utilize healthy cooking techniques such as grilling and baking (sorry deep fryer, you’re on the bench this summer).

Along with the healthier food we hope to be able to have a recipe swap. If you have a healthy recipe you would like us to try feel free to share it with us. We would love to try it! And if you like something that we made, we hope to provide you with a recipe to take with you. Then you will be able to make it at home or for those summer cookouts we love so much.

Our main goal this summer is to keep it healthy. We will be working hard and challenging ourselves to create and serve up food in a way that is healthy, light, and just as tasty, and we hope to see everyone this summer!

For more information on Moraine Park’s Culinary Arts program, click here.

NOTE: This blog post was written by Moraine Park Technical College culinary student Cherie Becker. For more information on Becker and her journey into our program, click here


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