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If you were having heart troubles, would you take advice from a single google search or consult with a local dentist? If your car was broken down, would you buy parts based on a single internet search or ask advice from your local cable company? Of course not. Why then, are we more likely to search google for “the right answer”, ask your high school buddy, or Aunt Marge for advice on what career you should choose or tips on job searching?

Ask an expert!

Many well-intended people may give you really poor advice. I just completed a course I found on LinkedIn. It was on finding your dream job with interviewing and résumé writing tips. Some of the tips I found to be “spot-on”. However, many comments may have been appropriate in Europe for example, but not really relevant for the United States, the Midwest, Wisconsin, or South-Central Wisconsin. Around here for example, we write résumés, not CV’s. As a Wisconsin Technical College student or graduate, you have unique skills that can be marketed to local employers. After all, programs at the Technical College level have been created to satisfy a need in our community. The goal is EMPLOYMENT!

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Written by Rhonda Roehrig