allexis wegner
Allexis Wegner, MPTC MA Student volunteering at the Community Blood Center

“I did all my service learning hours at the Community Blood Center. This was a great experience for me as I learned quite a bit on phlebotomy, taking temperatures, explaining paperwork, and talking to patients. I also learned about watching for reactions as I helped a patient get a snack and/or drink after giving blood. These will all help me with my practicum site in so many ways.”

This experience has given me tips on how to perform skills and get me out of my comfort zone when talking or explaining to someone about something. I am now more comfortable with taking temperatures and feel more confident as I learn venipuncture. Everyone in the blood drive was very nice and helpful when I needed assistance. This experience has also helped me get ready for practicum because I have to be patient with people and that sometimes I have to be up early to make it on time for the event! My goals for practicum are to be the best I can be by being myself and giving the best care possible. I feel better after having service learning hours because I am now more confident and ready for Medical Assistant practicum to start.” Allexis Wegner, MPTC Medical Assistant Student

“Your students have been wonderful, thank YOU!”

Heather Du Vall, MNM |  Manager, Volunteer Program
4406 W. Spencer St.  |  Appleton, WI 54914
(800) 280-4102

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Congratulations Allexis on your Fall 2020, Bronze and Silver Student Community Impact Awards!

Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator