Moraine Park Firefighter II Certification Training

Firefighters training on how to put out fire with hose. The Firefighter II Certification class participated in training as part of their program. The class was hosted by the Allenton Fire Department. Students in the class are from local fire departments such as; Allenton, Mayville, Neosho, North Fond du Lac, Town of Fond du Lac, Boltonville, and Random Lake.

The objective of this training session was to extinguish a propane tank fire.

The students cool the tank and exposure from a distance using the reach of the water stream, and then go to a wide angle fog pattern to protect them as they move toward the tank.Firefighters worth together to extinguish a flame.

The students have to be careful not to extinguish the fire, but push it away from the valve assembly at the top of the tank.

Once the firefighter at the nozzle has pushed the fire away from the valve assembly, the third firefighter comes around and turns off the valve, extinguishing the fire as the fuel supply is removed.

propane tank fire simulation for class.

The team must then back away from the tank continuing to cool the tank until they reach a safe distance from the tank.

Student firefighters learn how to use hose to extinguish a flame.

The tank is a new addition to our training props and was recently received from Bullex the manufacturer, along with the tank prop we have also received a propane fired dumpster prop.

Propane tank on fire for fire simulation

These two items, along with a forcible entry door prop were recently purchased with funds from the “Assistance to Firefighters Grant” provided by FEMA and administered through the state fire training office.

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
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