Accountants: Problem solvers, solution finders – not just number crunchers

Analytics, the process of examining large data sets to uncover patterns, is everywhere. And from Nursing to the NFL, “big data” is everywhere. But long before this term was coined, accountants were using data to discover trends.

Indeed, accountants are the catalyst for this rapidly growing trend, and they are at the center of its use.

If Human Resources initiates a new personnel policy or Marketing launches a new campaign, who is first to know the impact?

Who approves a proposal before the CEO presents it to the Board of Directors?

Who is always included in the team considering the introduction of a new product, a company merger, or major purchase?

The answer to each of these questions is the accountant, because accountants are the key spoke in the wheel. There is not a function or department which is not linked to accounting.

Those considering an accounting degree might say, “But I’m not good at math.”

Well, I don’t want to break the magicians’, or rather accountants’, code, but we mostly use basic math and a bit of simple algebra. We use software extensively, and complex math is not involved. So don’t feel intimidated.

If you imagine yourself in a rewarding career in which you are connected to every facet of a company, then you are imagining yourself as an accountant. And we can help turn these visions into reality.

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Written by Jeremy Maurer
Accounting Instructor