THROWBACK: “Office Machine Repair,” then and now …

old image of former student working on computer repair project

How’s that old saying go? “The more things change, the more they stay the same?”

Well, there’s probably some truth to that. Certainly the business equipment people use every day has evolved over time. But the fact remains that any equipment, regardless of what era it’s used in, needs a helping hand for maintenance, support and repair.

At Moraine Park, we’ve been helping train and educate those helping hands for decades.

First, take a look at a few images from an “Office Machine Repair” class in 1979.

Then, check out some pictures of our Information Technology students of today working on a computer hardware support project.

The more things stay the same, right!?

Oh, and one last thing: Isn’t it also fun to think about what type of equipment may be used decades from now and who will be there to fix it? Perhaps you could be part of that answer. If you are detail-oriented, enjoy technology and are looking for great career options, check out our many IT program offerings at


Student from 1979 works on office equiptment

Class picture from 1979



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