College Cost Meter … what?

Male student walking with graduation cap and gown

Have you recently received an email from the financial aid office about costs and your financial aid from Moraine Park?

This email is a new state requirement that we are obligated to follow.

The intent of the email is to inform you what your costs are, list any aid you have received, repayment and financial literacy information, with the hope that once you read through it, you would feel like you have a solid understanding.

Understanding of what, you say?   

Well, hopefully a better understanding about the level of debt you currently have and the repayment amount you might have once you complete your program and start working.

By looking at these numbers, the hope is that you will make a more informed decision about your borrowing; only take the amount of the loans you need.  You may even consider reducing what you have borrowed for this current year!

In the email, at the end, it also provides SALT financial literacy links and our contact information.  Complete one of the courses now and you can use it to apply for a bookstore scholarship for the spring semester.  Watch the student tab in December and January for this opportunity.

And check out this link for more financial help and guidance.

Written by Triena Bodart
Financial Aid Manager