Community Connections in Mental Health

40+ Nursing students in Julie Lepianka and Ashley Gilson’s Mental Health and Community Concepts courses recently completed their community advocacy projects as part of our Spring, 2022 service-learning opportunities.

Julie said, Everyone has their own story. Each of us has a bigger purpose on this earth to share our story. Thank you for being vulnerable in your sharing! It was a privilege to teach all of you in this important community mental health learning. Best of luck in your final semester!”

mental health nursing project
Back Row (L to R): Kenzie Gagan, Amy Hager, Lizzy Galliart, Alaina Iring, Alyssa Quevy, Kenzie Sweet, Brittany Smith, Jill Boetcher, Instructor Julie Lepianka. Middle Row (L to R): Antonia Perry, Stephanie Meyers, Kaitlyn Wollner, Sarah Pettinger, Jessica Butters, Trinity Jank, Carly Holzem, Jessica Hurley, Ashley Lindert. Front Row: Benjamin Raupp. Not Pictured: Cari Arndt, Megan Quertermous 

Students spent over 200 hours researching and collaborating with community partners in Fond du Lac, Washington, and Dodge Counties to learn more about substance abuse, foster families, gun violence, elderly depression, bullying, human trafficking, poverty, domestic violence, sexual assault, and more. Students formulated detailed plans to address how a nurse can help a community identify and address these issues, providing education, awareness, advocacy and resources. Students gathered data to help determine strengths and weaknesses in their own communities. Project presentations were held in May. Ashley said, “My students did a phenomenal job assessing their surrounding communities for health concerns and building advocacy plans that we, as nurses, have the power to implement within their communities. These students were drawn to nursing because of a desire to care, to serve, and to help…..and they did just that!

Congratulations on all of this great work on important mental health issues in our MPTC community!

Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator