Congratulations Spring 2019 Service Learning Award Winners!

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Moraine Park Technical College is committed to community engagement and student success.  The College supports these commitments through the opportunity for students to participate in service learning and apply their classroom knowledge to an applicable, real world environment. 

Last year, MPTC started a service learning awards program where students can track their service hours, submit their reflections, and earn a Bronze Award for 25 hours, Silver Award for 50 hours, Gold Award for 100 hours, or Presidents Award for 200 hours of service. In the 2018-19 school year 112 students logged over 2,800 hours of service impacting 138 area community partners! 15 students earned awards in December and 28 students earned awards in May.

Congratulations to the spring 2019 award winners!

Bronze Award Winners

Completing 25-49 hours of service learning.

  • Gwendolyn Redmon, Medical Assistant
  • Kayla Tiedke, Medical Assistant
  • Stephanie Munro, Medical Assistant
  • Kelly Loeper, Medical Assistant
  • Mackenzie Dressel, Medical Assistant
  • Robin Hanson, Medical Assistant
  • Yasmine Albert, Medical Assistant
  • Kristin Auchtung, Medical Assistant
  • Summer Benn, Medical Assistant
  • Kayla Bunker, Medical Assistant
  • Rachel Dobberphul, Medical Assistant
  • Chelsea Herriges, Medical Assistant
  • Paige Langlois, Medical Assistant
  • Roberto Mondragon, IT Software Developer
  • Jaimi TerLaan, Medical Assistant
  • Delaney Tisdale, Medical Assistant
  • Brooke Wightman, Nursing        

Silver Award Winners

Completing 50-99 hours of service learning.

  • Erin Bunch, Business Management
  • Stephanie Darkow, Medical Assistant
  • Traci Hauge-Rueter, Medical Assistant
  • Jessica Hendrickson, Business
  • Kimberly Lindemann, Medical Assistant
  • Gabrielle Schumacher, Business
  • April Weisinger, Medical Assistant

Gold Award Winners

Completing 100-199 hours of service learning.

  • Abigail Donath, Business Management
  • Brett Hebert, Corrections        
  • Sara Tallman, Medical Assistant
  • Renee Vnuk-Uhrman, Medical Lab Technician
Promise student award
Promise Student Award left to right: Promise Mentor Barb Brown, Director of College Advancement Dana Bourland, Promise Student Brett Hebert, President Bonnie Baerwald, Dean of General Studies Brenda Raad, Student Community Impact Coordinator Anne Lemke, College Advancement Assistant Joan Brezinsky
MA service learning awards
Medical Assistant Student Awards
Front row left to right: Stephanie Munro, Mackenzie Dressel, Gwendolyn Redmon, Summer Benn, Paige Langlois, Kimberly Lindemann, Stephanie Darkow
Back row left to right: Yasmine Albert, Kristin Auchtung, April Weisinger, Sara Tallman, Robin Hanson, Kelly Loeper, Rachel Dobberpuhl
business students awards
Business Student Awards Left to right: Student Community Impact Coordinator Anne Lemke, Jessica Hendrickson, Instructor Cindy Bernhard, Gabrielle Schmucher
business students awards
Business Student Awards left to right: Student Community Impact Coordinator Anne Lemke, Instructor Cindy Bernhard, Jaimi Lee TerLaan, Abigail Donath, Erin Bunch
Promise students awards
Promise Student Awards left to right: Promise Mentor Bart Putzer, Promise Student Renee Vnuk-Uhrman, Promise Student Brooke Wightman, Promise Mentor Joe Desiderio, Promise Manager Kim Schwamn
Promise student award
Promise Student Award Roberto Mondragon
Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator