Construction Zone: What changes are coming to Moraine Park?

Hi Ho and construction equipment at new entrance of Moraine Park

If you’ve driven by Moraine Park Technical College’s Fond du Lac campus this summer and noticed construction crews near our front entrance, you may be wondering “What’s going on?”  Well, wonder no more! Behind the draped walls, chain link fences and rumbling of machinery, here’s the inside scoop of the work being done, straight from Director of Facilities Rich Boudreau:

Q: There seem to be multiple areas of construction around the campus. Can you tell us about each?

A: We are very excited to announce the start of construction on these projects on the Fond du Lac campus.

The Career and Employment Center Addition will complete the main entry and will house the college’s Career Center as well as a community engagement room.  It will provide space for college orientation, job interviews and soft seating areas for our students and guests.

The Fond du Lac campus Bookstore is undergoing a dynamic remodel. We are increasing the size of the retail space, giving our students access to a greater selection of supplies/books/college apparel.  The remodel will also update the look to match our current décor.

Q: You will also be connecting the main entrance with the A-Wing. What will be included in that project?

A: We are replacing the staircase that is across from the cafeteria.

It will be replaced with another stair that will wrap around a new elevator.  This new elevator and stair will connect all three levels of the Fond du Lac campus providing better accessibility to our students, staff and guests.

The connection with the new Career and Employment Center Addition will also complete our student services loop.  This loop will now connect all major student services including Enrollment, Financial Aid, Advising, Counseling, Diversity, Student Life and Career Support among others.

Q: What is the timeline for each?

A: The Bookstore will be completed before students return in Fall of 2016.  The Career and Employment Center and the Elevator and Stair Replacement project will be completed in early Spring of 2017.


Exciting stuff … and, at last, no more wondering needed! We can’t wait for you to see the finished projects. But, remember, these construction projects aren’t the only new changes at Moraine Park. Check out our recently redesigned website and our new College logo!

And maybe you’re looking for changes or something new in your own life. We have that, too! Explore to view the new career opportunities waiting for you!

6603_MPTC- CEC_Exterior Render

Here’s the main rendering of the upcoming Career and Employment Center Addition, which will complete the main entry and will house the college’s Career Center as well as a community engagement room


Construction 2016 (11 of 24)

Here’s a photo from late May, before construction got underway near the front entrance.

Construction 2016 (3 of 24)

A backside look at the current construction area near the front entrance.

Construction 2016 (23 of 24)

Moraine Park’s book store is getting a major renovation.






















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