Dream Big Tri-County Welders!

Dream Big Welding at Tri County Boys and Girls Club

On Wednesday, December 5, MPTC Welding Instructor Aide Dan Eldridge, Welding Bootcamp Student Amy Mann, and EWD Business Rep Beau Gellings, visited teens in grades 5-12 and staff from the Boys and Girls Club of the Tri-County Area for a fun two hour interactive Dream Big event.

“MPTC visited our Club to talk about different educational options and career opportunities  in welding and allowed us to get hands on experience with the virtual welding equipment! 15 teen Club members tried it out and asked lots of questions.  Members earned scores for their welding performance based on 5 different measurements that make a good weld. There was some serious competition!  It was a fun and educational evening that may have lit some sparks for our kids!  Thank you MPTC!” – Carrie Govek, Tri-County BGC Teen Futures Coordinator 

“I was wondering if the kids would understand what a great opportunity it would be to get introduced to a welding career by having fun on the virtual welder, just like a computer game!  It’s very exciting for me to give back after all I have received through MPTC and the boot camp!” – Amy Mann, Moraine Park welding intern

 “It was really great tonight for me to see our student become the teacher.  I saw her giving the kids the exact same instructions we gave her when she was a beginning welder just 3 months ago. We are so proud of her!” – Dan Eldridge, welding instructor aide

Dan also told us that Amy just got offered at job at MEC, where she was serving her internship. 

The Dream Big project started last year with Boys and Girls Club of Fond du Lac teens learning more about the over 100 careers available through MPTC.  This year, Dream Big is expanding throughout the MPTC district to include Boys and Girls Club of the Tri-County Area (Berlin, Green Lake County) and Boys and Girls Club of Washington County (West Bend).  This is a great community partnership opportunity for Moraine Park students to showcase their careers and practice service learning  and for Boys and Girls Club members to get excited about career choices!

For more information on Moraine Park, visit morainepark.edu.

Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator