Electrical grad: “My instructors showed a true passion to teach”

Moraine Park Electrical student standing infront of electrical wire

Devin Kissinger likes to fish, woodwork, do home improvement projects and … win national championships, too.  He did the latter in Industrial Motor Control at the SkillsUSA national competition held June 23-24 in Louisville, Ky.

That was a culminating accomplishment after years of hard work for Devin.

Along this journey, Devin honed his skills at Moraine Park in my classroom, and I recently caught up with him to get his thoughts on his time here at Moraine Park, and to see if he had advice for anyone else considering a career in electricity.

What made you choose a career in electricity?

From a young age I worked side by side with my grandparents while renovating their house and finishing their basement. I have always been a hands on type of person and enjoyed being able to visually see an end result. Through all the projects however, one of my favorite parts was always the electrical. For this reason, I decided to continue my education at Moraine Park Technical College by going through the 1 year electricity program, and continuing on to go through the electrical apprentice program.

Why did you choose Moraine Park?

I began attending Moraine Park during my senior year in high school when I attended through the youth options program sponsored by the West Bend School District. During this time, I began taking some of the evening classes for the 1 year electrical program. Once High school ended, I returned to Moraine Park the following year to finish the remainder of the courses required to graduate from the 1-year program on May 20, 2016.

What was your experience like here?

While attending Moraine Park, all my instructors showed a true passion to teach and where able to connect with all of their students, creating a welcoming learning environment.

Where has your career led you since graduation?

Since starting at Steiner Electric in June of 2015, I have been able to gain experience on numerous job sites, ranging from assisted living facilities to large commercial and industrial facilities covering South Eastern Wisconsin.

What advice do you have for others considering this line of work?

To those considering entering this field, I would strongly encourage you to do your best and do not be afraid to try new things. This is a fast paced, ever-changing field with something different around every corner.

Want to learn more, visit morainepark.edu/programs for details!


Written by Mark Wamsley
Electricity Instructor