Fair Trade: Fashion Options

I don’t know about you, but I’m doing more on-line shopping than ever before, including looking for clothing that will elevate my ‘uniform’ of baggy sweat pants and shapeless t-shirts and Mother’s Day was fast approaching and I wanted to look for gifts for the special moms in my life.

I turned to Fair Trade outlets because their clothing is unique, beautiful, colorful; in some cases – organic, and supports Fair Trade businesses that work for a fair wage, use sustainable practices and are also acutely affected by the pandemic. 

Here are a few resources for Fair Trade fashion products:
From Cambodia,  $30 for a 5-pack: https://fairanita.com/cotton-face-mask-5-pack/          

Beautiful, Organic clothing from Peru, locally distributed out of Madison, Fair Indigo:                   
Dresses and Accessories from India locally distributed out of Chicago, Mata Traders:                    

Scarves, purses, fund-raising bracelets from Guatemala:                                                                        

Some websites offer a first time purchase coupon.

Saturday, May 9th is/was Fair Trade Day and if you go to the website: https://wfto.com/fairtradeday2020/ you’ll learn so much about the fashions and other Fair Trade principles and products. The World Fair Trade Organization posted [in part]:

#PlanetFairTrade is a vision of our world populated by Fair Trade Enterprises. These are enterprises [that] truly prioritize people and planet. They are creating an economy based on human and planetary well-being, a world where no one is left behind.

Pictured is my Mata Traders dress worn to my niece’s college graduation last year. It’s a favorite go-to dress. 

And if you’re interested in digging into the history of ‘fast fashion’ take a look at:              


In the meantime, elevate your spring wardrobe by looking into ethically produced fashion. Support Fair Trade businesses through fashion, coffees, chocolates, décor and more. Be a person who belongs to “…our world populated by Fair Trade Enterprises.”

Find out more about Moraine Park Fair Trade College!

Stay safe and fashion on!

Written by Maryann Huth