Fine, I’ll try it.

Moraine Park culinary instructor Lois Zingsheim and students in kitchen

One of the perks of working down the hall from a top notch culinary learning facility could be seen as taking one for the team. Truly though, it’s your lucky dining dream come true. You’re asked to sample a fabulous array of tasty bites–from savory comfort food to haute cuisine–and it all makes your soggy bag lunch hide in shame at the back of the fridge.

Today’s fare was roasted and just out of the oven. First a succulent, lightly seasoned pork tenderloin done to perfection. Next to that, a pot of delicious fall beef stew in a rich, wine-flavored gravy. Students prepared chicken and some exotic blend of potatoes. There may have been something chocolate. Then my favorite…a colorful roasted array of fall vegetables with a surprising kick of heat–-likely from some sneaky little peppers. Yum.

The students were bustling like crazy. But they’re learning to work smart at a high level of quality. Much of the food is on par with that of fine restaurants. I smile because Lois Zingshiem, this class’s instructor, runs a tight ship. But she and the other seasoned instructors know what the industry needs, and they’re proud to turn out some really successful and marketable chefs and culinary workers extraordinaire.

If you want to learn to become part of a thriving industry, in an environment where standards are high and instructors really care, come get your taste on at Moraine Park Technical College. Bon Appétit.

Written by Jean Dodge
Design Specialist, Creative Services