Gearing up for Fall 2016

West Bend Campus adding Haas 10Y machine for 2016

The use of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools is increasing in all sectors of the manufacturing industry. As a result, the CNC trade is growing very strong and is looking for some good candidates to fill all the potions that are offered out there.

So if you’re considering a career in CNC, now’s a great time!

And here at Moraine Park, we’re continually adding and implementing new equipment to stay on the cutting edge and to help our students best prepare for the CNC trade.

Here’s a look at the new lathe – a Haas ST10 Y – we just put in. This will be our second lathe with live tooling and a Y axis.

Our program now has six CNC lathes and with this addition it will make 20 CNC machines in our MPTC lab!

Not sure what a lathe is or what career opportunities CNC has to offer? We’ll help you! Visit for all the details.


Written by Craig Seidel
CNC/Tool and Die Technologies Instructor