Getting Started on Twitter

Carol Moore working on computer at Moraine Park.

So you want to engage on Twitter?

Before we get you set up with an account, let’s make sure you are hip and happening with the latest and greatest Twitter trends.

First off, it isn’t called “The Twitter” – keep it simple. Just Twitter will do. You wouldn’t call me “The Carol” would you? Although, it does have a nice ring to it.

When you post on Twitter you are tweeting. You can pull your friends in on the fun by mentioning them. The two elements to mentioning someone are @<insertheirtwitterhandle>. Boom! Got it. Yep! Their user name is called a handle. Get a grip – I don’t know how they come up with this stuff.

The next big one is the pound sign. If you are already calling me out, that means you already know where I am going with this. The hashtag (#) is used to provide context for your tweet in addition to making your tweets searchable. Here are some examples:

  • I need to remember to stay away from the @moraineparktech cafeteria on Friday. 12 loafs of bread later…thank you #culinary!
  • I think I finally got the @moraineparktech campus walking route down…wait…where am I? #lost
  • I am approaching 5 months as a @moraineparktech employee and I have learned 4,382 acronyms. Forever a #student

There it is! You’re hip hop happenin’ – let’s get your account set up!

Getting Signed Up

Go to When you arrive on the first page you will click the “Sign Up” button.


That button will direct you here! Fill in your first and last name, e-mail address, and a password.

Choose your username! Keep it simple – try your first initial, last name, and “mptc” – mine would be cmooremptc



On the next screen you can add your phone number – it allows you to text to tweet if you decide to opt in to this! Otherwise, click “Skip”


You can identify interests and start following people, businesses and topics that you are interested in! Hello, Clay Matthews 🙂

Check out some of the employee engagement resources and share topics with your fellow MPTC tweeters.



Continue through this guided process until you make it to your twitter feed. You can see a the example below. Follow the arrow and click your name.


That will bring you to your profile page. Follow the arrow again and click “Edit profile” to customize it and make it your own!


After clicking “Edit Profile” something like the screen below will pop up.


You can edit the various elements quickly and easily.

  1.  Add a photo of you! Just click and pull one from a file folder on your computer!
  2. Make sure your name shows up how you would like it to. Just your first and last name is great!
  3. Who are you? Throw in your title, and a possible detail or two about your hobbies.
  4. You can choose to list a location or opt-out!
  5. The website location can link to anywhere you desire! A blog post you wrote, your LinkedIn profile – you name it!
  6. Want some birthday tweets? Fill in your birthday information so everyone knows when to celebrate you.
  7. Add a header photo! We don’t all have graphic artists sitting in the office next to us! A simple google search for “Twitter Header Images” will pull up some fun images sized to perfection that you can fill in here!
  8. The most important step…don’t forget to save!

There you have it! You have a Twitter profile. Not sure where to start? Tweet! Need a pal or two to follow? Look for @cmooremptc and @bmendozamptc to start engaging!


Written by admin