Moraine Park Employee Engagement meeting in conference room

Employee Engagement and Talent Management

We are excited to share the Employee Engagement and Talent Management Plan with you!  At risk of sounding like an Oscar Winner… we would like to thank all of the people who helped provide ideas, feedback, creativity and support along the way.  This truly was a College-wide effort.

One of the focal points of Innovation 2020 is to build a supportive culture to make us an employer of choice.  Two key objectives for the College are to enhance an environment that fosters greater collaboration, employee satisfaction and engagement, and to develop effective strategies, opportunities and resources to engage employees.  We believe that this plan will help us meet both of those objectives, and more!

You may recall that this journey started several months ago when we asked our employees about what makes them feel most engaged at work.  It was important to MPTC that our employees told us what makes them feel engaged.  We heard it in the engagement feedback sessions, we saw it in the PACE survey results and we hear it from you in our daily conversations.  We believe that each employee should be able to identify with at least one, but hopefully several, of the activities outlined in the plan to increase engagement and grow talent management.

We see engagement every day.  Employees are brainstorming innovative ideas, working together to improve a process, going above and beyond to help our students and visitors, laughing, sharing experiences, thanking each other, producing high quality work… we are sure you see it too.  But, do we look around and truly recognize it, appreciate it, and most importantly join it?

MPTC wants to see it and hear about it!  So, we are introducing an engagement and talent management twitter hashtag.  Please get involved and share your engagement stories, pictures, videos, inspirations, gratitude for awesome coworkers, etc.  Take a look at the creative and highly effective retention plan developed by the marketing team!employee retention program_Andy

I know, I know, for those of you not on Twitter, you are thinking “no thanks, I don’t need any more social media.”  Think again, you do need social media!  It is a great way to interact with your co-workers in another building or at another campus.  It is an easy way for you to learn about what great things others are doing, or what inspires them to do great things.  You never know, it might inspire you!  And, if I can set up a Twitter account in less than five minutes, so can anyone – just ask my children.  Carol Moore put together this awesome blog on how to set up a Twitter account <>.  Go ahead, take five minutes, it doesn’t hurt.  I promise.

And, to get you started with blogging to #MPTCEngage, I have created a handy dos and donts list to help you.

DO          Tell us or show us about how you and your coworkers are engaged in the workplace.  I’ve already tweeted a few to show examples.  Be creative!

DON’T   Be negative or spoil another employee’s positive attitude and experience.  Keep a positive attitude and you will reap the rewards.

DO          Keep it short.  Tweets can only be 140 characters.  Tell or show your coworkers engagement in a couple words or a sentence.

DON’T   Put a ring on it!  This is not the wedding type engagement.  We don’t want personal tweets/conversations/interactions.

DO          A search on engagement and follow topic experts. Retweet inspirational engagement tweets, an engagement tweet that resonates with you or an engagement tweet from a coworker that you are proud of.  Good tweets are engaging, helping, inspiring or gracious.

DON’T   Don’t Twam (Twitter Spam).  Stay on topic and share things pertinent to MPTC employee engagement.

DO          Think before you Tweet.  After all, you are what you Tweet.  Tweeting without thinking can lead to problems.  Consider the value of what you are tweeting and see if it helps to increase engagement.  If it doesn’t, find the appropriate venue to share it.  If it does, Tweet away.

DON’T   SHOUT!  Using all caps on Twitter is considered impolite.  While you’re at it, check your grammar and spelling.  It is important to be professional in the workplace.

DO          Recruit other tweeters!  Show them how easy it is and how engaging it is.

DON’T  Say anything you wouldn’t want printed in the local newspaper (is there a more modern version of this saying?).  It’s social media… on the internet… everyone can see it!

DO          Interact.  Keep the conversation going.  Show support for your coworkers and their Tweets.

DON’T   Forget to talk to your coworkers IN PERSON about engagement.  This is just a fun way to share with our coworkers across the College.

DO          Tweet often – stay engaged.  Don’t forget to use #MPTCEngage.  Have fun!


Want to follow a few friends to start you off?

@bmendozamptc and @cmooremptc are ready to engage with you today!

Written by Beth Mendoza
Director of Talent Management