HIRED BEFORE GRADUATION: “Make a plan and go for it”

Julie Wolf - She was hired before graduation

Ready to tap into your full potential? Julie Wolf has advice: “Make a plan and go for it. The education you gain at college is something that no one can ever take away from you. Instead, it can help open up doors for you in the future. A lot of jobs are looking for an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree, so it would be important to have that when looking for jobs.”

In earning her Associate of Applied Science Degree in accounting from Moraine Park, many doors have opened for Julie. In fact, some of those doors were opened even before graduation.

She was hired by NTC of Wisconsin, Inc. as an Account Clerk before getting her diploma.

“I hope to gain experience and take on added responsibilities for the company, such as helping analyze the financials and even possibly doing payroll. They have set up training for me early this summer to get familiar with the system,” Julie said.

Julie said her time at Moraine Park was invaluable in giving her this clear direction in life.

“The aspect of my education that made the biggest impact on me is how practical it was, and it helped me realize how many different opportunities there are with an accounting degree. Even though I do not regret having been a teacher, I almost wish I would have went for Accounting right after high school. Accounting is diverse, and there are so many different avenues I could pursue. I like that I was able to dip into a little bit of some of the different fields of accounting through my education, such as financial accounting, managerial accounting, payroll, and income tax. The experience and knowledge I gained through the VITA program was very valuable, and I feel like I received a great base knowledge in the other fields that can only be developed further in my future career. I appreciate that my education at MPTC was hands-on and practical. For example, we learned how to fill in 940 and 941 forms in Payroll in addition to other forms. I was able to do hands-on projects for most of my main classes in the program, which allowed me the opportunity to apply what I had read and learned about in class. The education I received was applicable to real life, and that was what I was looking for.”

Are you ready to follow in Julie’s footsteps?

To see what doors can open for you, visit morainepark.edu/programs.

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