Hot Stuff: Fire program receives new training tool

car on fire

Moraine Park’s Fire Program instructors and adjunct instructors were recently trained on the Bullex fire car prop that the college was able to purchase through a Statewide Leadership Grant. One of the requirements of the grant was that the item needed to be a mobile training lab.  This Bullex prop came with a trailer, so our instructors will be able to take it around to the various fire departments in the Moraine Park district.

We serve a total of 58 fire departments within our district.

The prop is fueled by propane and produces 1 million BTU’s of heat. How hot is that? Well, the average house has a furnace that produces approximately 80,000 BTU’s (in simplest terms, BTU’s are the amount of work needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree).

So, short answer: it’s very, very hot.

The prop is capable of simulating a wheel fire, passenger compartment fire, engine fire or fully engulfed vehicle fire.  Water, foam or dry chemicals can be used to extinguish the fire.

We’re grateful to have this great training tool for our use now. This prop will allow for some great hands-on learning opportunities for our students.

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Written by James Brace
Associate Dean of Human Services