Intercultural Communication Collaboration

Moraine Park ELL and Occupational Communication classes

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Do you like practicing intercultural communication skills? Do you wish to expand your knowledge about different viewpoints on family, food, education, success, gender roles, and even religion in a safe, respectful environment?

You may be thinking, “WOW, that sounds interesting!” Our students at Moraine Park Technical College are doing just that!

Recently, one of our English Language Learner classes hosted an Occupational Communication class and utilized the opportunity to practice speaking and listening skills while providing new perspectives to our Moraine Park Technical College program students. Students met in groups for just shy of an hour to get to know each other, share about their communities/countries, practice intercultural communication strategies, and discuss 25 questions pertaining to their culture. Students from both classes openly discussed common misconceptions and stereotypes from their own culture.

The collaboration between the two classes demonstrates Moraine Park’s commitment to our mission of “preparing students for success in a diverse and globally connected world.”

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Students from several countries and communities have a chance to discuss cultural topics

Students discussing interview questions

Written by Rachel Tease
Basic Education Instructor