“It has opened many doors” – Boot camp students share their experiences

Moraine Park CNC Test Drive event with two males

Manufacturing skills are in high demand and the manufacturing industry continues to expand, Moraine Park Technical College Economic and Workforce Development is giving students the opportunity to gain those skills by offering short-term training boot camps. We often boast about the success of students who leave this short-term training opportunity and go on to succeed, not just in steady jobs, but in careers. We want you to be successful long after you leave, and part of that success comes from finding the right fit in an internship.

What’s the value of an internship?

It’s a chance to show employers your skills, while making sure that they’re a fit for you too. It’s an extended job interview – a chance to shine off paper. It’s an opportunity that could lead to a new future.

But maybe it’s better if you heard it right from the source. Meet our spring 2016 boot campers:




“Addicted to Insight” is a term that describes people who seem to get “high” on learning and discovering. They are driven to understand how things work and why.  This is me, always has been.  The MPTC boot camp and internship with Amerequip has allowed me to feed my addiction.  They have given me the greatest opportunity to grow.  Hopefully this relationship continues.     –Laura Peter, intern at Amerequip






Since my internship started, I have learned how to apply everything from mathematics to machining every day at Mid-States Aluminum. The work required is intense, but well worth the time and effort.  Before I started this program, I had no direction of where I wanted to go, now I am dedicated and content with where I am headed.  –Zachary Coyle, intern at Mid-States








MPTC welding boot camp gave me the opportunity to learn a new skill in a short amount of time while gaining work experience at the same time. –Halden Lulloff, intern at Amerequip







My time in the CNC boot camp at MPTC was a great learning experience that I will be able to use for years to come. It was fast paced and very informative for what I needed to know to start in my new career in the CNC field. -Lester Zielicke, intern at Mid-States








I have progressed very far since starting this boot camp. I have been able to use the knowledge at my internship site to set up to run parts.  After this boot camp/internship is finished I am hoping to receive a job offer doing what I have learned. –Dan Nielson, intern at Signicast










I met a few intriguing people and saw at least a few doors open because of the welding boot camp. –Ian Hafert, intern at MEC







Boot Camp has been a fun and interesting way to meet new people and learn a new career. It’s hard work but it pays off in the long run.  My internship at MEC has been an amazing experience and I look forward to a long career with them.   –Kevin Anderson,  intern at MEC






I have learned many different and useful skills through the boot camp and my internship at MEC. It has also been an enjoyable learning experience. –Jesse Farber, intern at MEC







The boot camp was one of the best opportunities in my schooling career. It has opened up many doors and will benefit my future career. –Sam Schreiber, intern at Brenner Tank







While working at GKN, I’ve had the opportunity to apply what I’ve learned in the boot camp classes, and I’m looking forward to finishing my internship and maybe receiving a job offer.  –Robert Knapp, intern at GKN









I can’t wait until I can get to work full time. I’m really grateful for this opportunity. –Tanner Hass, intern at Amerequip








Chris Regan, intern at MEC







For more information, please visit morainepark.edu/bootcamp!

Written by Samantha Story