Prediction becomes reality: MLT employment opportunities booming

Moraine Park female staff type on keyboard

The employment opportunities for Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) students are fantastic!

I have recently been contacted by several recruiters in state (Marshfield, Mayo, Affinity and Aurora Healthcare Systems) and out of state that are searching for MLT candidates. I also attended the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Scientists  – Clinical Laboratory Educators Conference, where I heard more about the need for MLTs to fill vacancies in laboratories across the United States.

So, it sounds like the predictions from years ago are indeed coming true: Baby boomers are ready to retire or at least cut back, and this is creating a number of MLT openings in hospital labs and clinic labs.  Medical Laboratory Technicians assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by performing tests on tissue, blood and other body fluids.

The number of employment opportunities are many.

If you enjoy the sciences and are interested in a rewarding career in healthcare, call me, Linda Bau, MLT Program Director, at 920-924-3314 or email You can also visit Moraine Park’s MLT program page for all the details!

Written by Linda Bau