Everyone has seen the television shows that depict the nation’s prisons.  From Orange is the New Black to 60 Days In, the television series show a highly dramatized version of life in prison.  After all, drama sells and reality is not always glamorous.  What about a prison riot, what would that experience be like?

The Criminal Justice Corrections Club get to experience just that, a prison riot.  Next week, the several members of the Corrections Club will embark on a trip for West Virginia to participate in a Mock Prison Riot.  The Mock Prison Riot is a annual training event hosted by the West Virginia Department of Corrections.  The training event welcomes tactical teams from around the world to participate in the different training scenarios.  Last year, over 20 different countries and over 30 different states were represented at the event held at a decommissioned prison in Moundsville, West Virginia.

What do the students get to do?  The students participate in scenarios and act as inmates creating the disturbance.  The different tactical teams will address the situation presented to them in the scenario and restore order.  Moraine Park students are able to witness the team work and communication skills  involved with being part of the criminal justice field.

In addition to the scenarios, students are also offered the opportunity to attend various workshops and seminars to enhance their knowledge base.  As the week progresses, students are also able to interact with the international contingencies to gain insights on how different countries handle crime and incarceration and discuss what problems different areas of the world may be encountering.

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Written by Jeffery Gruss
Corrections Science Instructor