Tackling Your Gen Ed Classes This Summer

drewrettler2College…it sounds more like money every time I hear it. Clearly research shows that a college education will open the doors to success down the road. However, financially it is difficult for students to cover the costs and very difficult for families that have multiple kids in college to finance the costs. My name is Drew Rettler and am from West Bend, WI. I have multiple other siblings either in college or about to be in college so the expenses are very draining for my family. As a senior at West Bend West High School I decided to go to the University of Wisconsin Green Bay to really experience the social college climate. Along with the social benefits (dorm life) I am majoring in Psychology with a minor is Business Administration. However, while attending UWGB it became apparent to me that there were opportunities to take courses for cheaper. The opportunity I am portraying involved taking summer courses through Moraine Park Technical College. When I started talking about taking summer courses during the summer at MPTC everyone told me that it is difficult to have the credits transfer. Those individuals could not be anymore wrong; the process was so easy. Over the summer between my freshman and sophomore years I took two courses at MPTC and they easily transferred into UWGB. Honestly, I had a friend at UWGB who took the same courses that my classes transferred in as, and I saved thousands of dollars when compared to him. Just remember before taking the summer courses to check with both schools to make sure that the credits will transfer.

Along with saving an abundance of money, it can also help either lighten your semester load or even cut time off of your four-year degree. As previously mentioned I took two courses between my freshman and sophomore years and will be taking two more classes between my sophomore and junior years. By taking these summer courses and a heavy load during each of my semesters at UWGB, I am planning on graduating in three years. Cutting one year off of college reduces the overall cost of college by a dramatic amount. Does saving thousands of dollars’ sound appealing? Does graduating in three years’ sound intriguing? If so, check out the Moraine Park Technical College’s summer courses to help answer yes to both of those questions! Not only is it an easy process, but it will keep dollars in your pocket while ensuring college sounds like college, and not money!

Interested in taking summer classes? Check out the summer class schedule here. Reach out to Lane Holte to learn more about transferability via e-mail at lholte@morainepark.edu or via phone at 920-924-3307.

Click here to see how classes transfer to your UW college.

Written by Amy Patterson
Associate Dean of General Education