Moraine Park Cosmetology hosts ‘Express Yourself’ Fashion Show

Moraine Park Cosmetology students hosted their Express Yourself Fashion Show to showcase their final projects. Each student styled a model from head to toe including hair, makeup, and an outfit inspired by a theme of their choosing.

“We started discussing the theme of the fashion show last term in March,” Moraine Park Cosmetology Instructor, Eileen Bouchard, said. “With 15 different personalities, it is not always easy coming to an agreement. They all had different ideas about what they wanted to do. So, after some collaboration, this group picked the theme Express Yourself. This way they could all just express themselves however they wanted, instead of choosing one single category.”

The themes chosen ranged from time periods and events, to mythological creatures and abstract concepts, allowing each student to fully express themselves in their final projects.

“I was inspired by the gender-atypical themes we’ve been seeing in fashion and on celebrities, as well as a lot of the androgynous styles of the 80s,” Moraine Park Cosmetology student, Eva Knappenberger, said. “So, I wanted to play with a lot of the different textures, patterns, colors, and styles that are typically associated with traditional gender norms to create a runway-worthy look that is fun, bold, and a blend of masculinity and femininity.”

Congrats to all of Moraine Park’s Cosmetology students on stunning fashion show!

Moth Eck – Renaissance Elf

Emmy Gall – 80’s Denim

Danielle Hackbart – Grandma on her wedding day, 1960s

Cora Huizenga – Purple Garden Fairy

Eva Knappenberger – Runway Rockstars

Alissa Kruger

Kylie Kultgen – Back to the Future

Emily Ludwigson – Summer Vibes

Kaitlynn Miller – Country Girl

Tabitha O’Toole – Gold and Glitter

Mary Pirc – Greek Goddess Aphrodite

Abigail Prim – Red Carpet

Lina Rincon – 2000s

Brittany Wenzlaff – Brittany Spears, Hit me Baby One More Time

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Written by Emilie Wilson