Moraine Park’s 2021-22 Student Ambassador: Amanda Kollmorgan

Student Ambassador Amanda Kollmorgan

Amanda Kollmorgan, of Fond du Lac, was selected as the 2021-22 Moraine Park Technical College district student ambassador.

Kollmorgan, an active-duty communications security manager for the Army, came to Moraine Park to finish the college degree she started at a four-year university.

“I began my college journey in 2010, right after my deployment to Iraq,” Kollmorgan said. “I didn’t transition well and felt like another face in the crowd. I was not only looking for a great education but also a personalized experience and a place I belonged. I immediately found that at Moraine Park.”

Kollmorgan’s role in the Army prepared her for the Leadership Development program, and she was able to take her classroom knowledge and implement it into her work life. She graduated with her associate degree in Leadership Development in spring 2021 and is now pursuing her accounting, technical education, and training degrees concurrently.

“All of these programs align with my current and future goals,” she said. “In my retirement, I hope to own a bakery. The skills I’m learning in leadership and business will help prepare me for that big-picture goal.”

Kollmorgan is also active on the Fond du Lac campus, where she is a member of the student government, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Student Veteran Association (SVA), and Phi Theta Kappa.

“For more than 14 years my entire identity has been the Army,” Kollmorgan said. “I love being a soldier, but I was also looking to be part of something more. Moraine Park not only made me feel like a welcomed part of their family, but being here has ignited passions and goals that I did not know existed before. I am excited for my future and the opportunities it holds.”

Kollmorgan recently made the decision to end her active-duty service and will remain with the National Guard until her retirement in five years. She made this decision so she could be home with her family and focus on building both her educational and career portfolio. Kollmorgan also accepted an adjunct position with the College’s Economic and Workforce Development department to be a Learning for Independence (LFI) instructor.
“I am beyond grateful for all the support I’ve received at the College,” Kollmorgan said. “Specifically, from my instructor, Mary Vogl-Rauscher, who provided continuous guidance and mentorship throughout my career and educational transformations.”

To be eligible for the District Student Ambassador distinction, students must be nominated by a faculty or staff member at the College and give a presentation to a selection committee. There were three students in the final consideration for this role.

As the selected 2021-22 District Student Ambassador, Kollmorgan will actively serve as a member of student government, advocate for Moraine Park and the Wisconsin Technical College System as a whole, assist with college activities and events, and represent the student body within the community.

“Being named the District Student Ambassador is a huge honor,” Kollmorgan said. “I look forward to advocating for my classmates and sharing the many benefits of Moraine Park and a technical college education.

Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller