My fall tuition and fees bill is due soon – How does that work with Financial Aid?

Moraine Park student outside with backpack

You may be able to use your financial aid to postpone your tuition and fees payment!

Postponing payment until your financial aid is processed is permitted if:

1.You have accepted your financial aid award on myMPTC.  If you need help accepting your award, check out the video!

2.The dollar amount of eligibility for a grant or loan (not work study) is enough to cover your fees. If loan aid is needed to cover your tuition charges, you must have completed a Master Promissory

Note (loan application) and Entrance Counseling online.

IMPORTANT: If your financial aid is not in place on the tuition due date, you should have your own funds available until your financial aid is available.

 How Financial Aid Pays Your Bill

Any awarded grants, scholarships and/or Direct Loans will automatically be credited to your Moraine Park student account to pay your tuition, fees, late fees, and any bookstore charges. At the time of disbursement, funds will be credited to your student account and a refund will be generated if applicable.

Students are encouraged to sign up for e-refunds to receive any excess financial aid. If you have not opted into e-Refunds, it will be at least 10 business days after disbursement before a refund check will be printed. The first disbursement date for the fall semester will be September 6, 2016. The first date refunds would be available for fall semester will be September 9, 2016.

Written by Julie Waldvogel-Leitner
Director of Admissions