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CNC teacher and studentComputer Numerical Control. CNC machining.

Are you asking yourself, what does that mean?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a portion of manufacturing in which you control precision automated machine tools using a programmable computer. Due to this level of automation, machines can be operated with supervision of an accredited operator, increasing productivity and minimizing the possibility for human errors on a project.

Intrigued yet?  Did we mention that Moraine Park as an opportunity for you to attend our CNC boot camp for free?  Yes, free. This unique 15-week training opportunity provides individuals with entry-level skills and job experience.

If you’re looking for a new career, CNC might be for you and here’s why.

Manufacturing in Wisconsin is currently on the upswing. Combine this with how badly companies need CNC workers, and you should be able to confidently enter a college or trade school, knowing a job will be waiting for you when you get out. In fact, manufacturing currently offers more potential in this regard than just about any other field.

Are you saying, okay that great but what types of jobs can I get? According to our CNC instructor, Josh Geschke, there are numerous opportunities available.

“This is what I love most about the trade.  There is a lot of overlap of skills between jobs so you can take your career in a number of different directions.  With CNC skills and knowledge you may become any of the following:

CNC operator, set-up technician, conventional machinist, CNC machinist, programmer, die maker, mold maker, toolmaker, and supervisory positions

With additional schooling and experience you can enter the following careers that are related and support CNC.

Mechanical designer, engineering positions (mechanical engineer, manufacturing engineer, engineering technician), machine tool service technician; quality control technician/inspector; industrial salesperson.”

Do you want to learn more? Visit  or call Todd at (920) 924-3334, he’ll tell you everything you need to know about this free, 15-week training opportunity.

Don’t wait! Application materials are currently being accepted for our next boot camp starting September 2018.

Written by Samantha Story