Opportunity is knocking: ‘Test Drive’ CNC & Welding careers

Employers at Test Drive Event

Reasons to come to Test Drive:

  1. I don’t know anything about being a CNC machinist.
  2. I am a trained welder.
  3. I’ve welded some pieces together before, but I don’t have formal training.
  4. I don’t think I have a interest in manufacturing careers.
  5. I’ve never worked in manufacturing and want to get a taste for it.
  6. I don’t know what I want to do next.
  7. I have no plans on Wednesday, and I would just like to make something in the workshops.
  8. I want to meet the employers that are part of the boot camps.
  9. I think the boot camps might be for me.

Reasons not to come to Test Drive:

None. We have none.

Test Drive

Moraine Park’s Test Drive is an opportunity to see if what we offer, short term training in CNC and welding, is what you want. It’s a one-stop shop to explore the career, see if you like the environment, talk to employers, connect with the college, and take the next steps if boot camps are a fit for you.

Workshops are designed to provide a hands-on experience in what the boot camps, and later careers, in welding and CNC will mean. Instead of reading it in a book, or watching a video, come to the Test Drive to put your hands to work finding out what your future could hold.

That’s what the people in these pictures did; whether through Test Drive or just placing a call expressing interest in the boot camp, these 12 people took the next step in their careers and completed the boot camp on June 9.  With an 87% job placement average, most boot camp completers start their full time jobs the week after graduation.  Let us help you move in to the next step in your career

2016 Spring Boot Camp CNC Graduates

2016 Spring Boot Camp CNC Graduates

2016 Spring Boot Camp Welding Graduates

2016 Spring Boot Camp Welding Graduates

Testing requirements and entrance criteria will be explained in detail at the 8:45 a.m. information sessions on Moraine Park’s Fond du Lac campus in room O-104 on January 4; or join us for an info and testing session only on December 7. Boot camps start dates are February 8 (for CNC) and February 13 (for welding), with a May 12 graduation ceremony. There is no charge for tuition or materials. However, a $30 admission fee is required upon admittance into the boot camp. Students who successfully complete the boot camp will have gained a 144-hour internship experience and been paid a $500 cost of living stipend. For more information on Test Drive or manufacturing boot camps, contact Kim Retlich at communityed@morainepark.edu or 920.924.3334.

Here’s some photos from our last Test Drive!
test drive web (6 of 12) test drive web (8 of 12) test drive web (9 of 12) test drive web (11 of 12) test drive web (12 of 12)


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