Recent nursing grads give back

Two female Moraine Park alumni talking to Nurrsing students

Kim Thrane, RN, and Megan Limbach, RN, recently visited Moraine Park’s Complex Health Alterations 1 classroom in Fond du Lac.

They are recent graduates from the West Bend campus nursing program and successful NCLEX exam passers.

Faculty member, Heather Evenson, MSN, RN, reached out to past students via social media to come and speak to the class and share their “tips and tricks” for success in the rigorous nursing program.

The new RNs spoke about time management, time for self and family, making an organized plan as well as utilization of the tutors, faculty and peer study groups. The two also spoke highly of the newly integrated Kaplan resources and stated, “It was one of the biggest reasons I was successful on NCLEX, I wish we had it sooner to use for theory classes.”

The recent graduates were supportive and understanding of the rigor of the classes and stated numerous times, ‘You can do it; you wouldn’t have gotten this far if you couldn’t!” The two stayed after for small group questions and answers.

Our students have proven time and again their involvement in the community, it was a great thing to see the overwhelming response from students who wanted to participate and give back to their “original” community. These nurses showcased the high emphasis Moraine Park places on helping its students in creative ways as well as taking their first steps as professional nurses helping to mold the next nurses.

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Written by Heather Evenson
Nursing Instructor