Reiki, Chakras, Peaceful Warrior… Meet John Oestreicher!

Community Ed instructor John Oestreicher

Are you curious about Reiki, balancing your chakras and other alternative approaches to well-being?  Reiki is a Japanese form of stress reduction and deep relaxation that helps to strengthen the immune system and promote healing for just about anyone. This hands-on healing is effective for emotional, mental and physical health issues and is currently being practiced at 800 hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. What about chakras, do know what they are?  Chakras are the centers of your spiritual powers inside the human body.  These energy centers help regulate all processes of the body, from organ function, the immune system, and emotions. Intrigued in learning more yet?  MPTC is offering a varierty of Health and Wellness courses this spring to help you try a new approach to your health in 2018, all taught by John Oestreicher.

John is a business owner of Hands on Healing Energy and practices Reiki full-time.  He was a past teacher of health and wellness courses in the UW-System offering health and wellness courses and workshops to individuals, organizations and businesses.  John has been practicing meditation and mind/body connections for over 30 years and has received certifications as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Lo Ho Chi, and Star Medicine.  He has also earned his certificate in Reconnective Healing.

John will be offering a new class this April called Reiki Level 1 – Health Care.  This unique class for health care providers allows students to learn stress reduction techniques for emotional, mental and the physical health of their patients.

If you are interested in learning more about alternative approaches to your well-being, see a full listing of health and wellness classes here.

Written by Samantha Story