Help Wanted: Accountants

Accounting instructor teaching a female student on the computer.The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) predicts 75% of currently active CPAs will retire within the next 15 years. Think about the opportunities created when 3 out of 4 people retire.

I started my career path in high school with a basic accounting class. My parents were laborers who valued education.  They couldn’t tell me much about accounting beyond what they saw at work, but it was all I needed.  They told me that accountants are a vital part of a business, and they are always in demand.  That was the nudge I needed.

Four years later, with a degree in one hand and a CPA review manual in the other, I started my professional career in the Milwaukee office of KPMG, a respected international public accounting firm. Four years after that, I was promoted to management in their tax department.

So why the walk down memory lane?

Recently, I read that only 1 in 3 accounting graduates take and pass the CPA exam. Perhaps they are intimidated, but anything worth having is worthy of the effort.  Effort leads to opportunity, financial reward, growth, and prestige.  I am where I am because I pursued a degree in accounting and earned my license.

Don’t be intimidated. It all begins with your first accounting class.  Where will that class lead you?

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Written by Joan Falter
Accounting Instructor