Six Great Reasons to be a Peer Tutor (#4 is amazing!)

Student tutor sitting with another student and books

Are you successful in one or more of your classes at Moraine Park? Are you able to communicate effectively with students from diverse backgrounds? Are you willing to help fellow students achieve their educational goals? If so, please consider becoming a peer tutor and helping your fellow students succeed. Here are a few of the many excellent reasons to consider becoming a peer tutor for Moraine Park.

  1. Tutoring Offers Flexible Scheduling: Peer tutoring sessions usually last no more than one or two hours so they can easily be arranged during times when there are gaps in your class schedule but not enough time to go to a traditional, off-campus job. Peer tutors can meet with students at mutually agreed-upon times that work for each person. Tutoring sessions can take place on campus or virtually.
  2. Tutoring gives you great job experience: Tutoring in your program area will give you experience related to the job that you eventually want to do. It is an opportunity to build your resume and shows that you are willing to mentor others. This may give you an advantage when you apply for jobs. Often, people are asked to provide references when applying for jobs. With tutoring, you will connect with people that you can later use as job references.
  3. Tutoring can supplement your income: Moraine Park peer tutors are paid $10 per hour.
  4. Tutoring can be a rewarding experience: Tutoring can give you the satisfaction of making a difference in someone else’s life. As little as an hour of your time each week can help another student enough so that they can earn a passing grade and advance in their program area. You may even end up with a new friend as well! Tutoring will help you build your self confidence, listening skills, interpersonal & oral communication skills, empathy and patience.
  5. Tutoring can help build a relationship with your instructors: Instructors often recommend former students who did well in class. Instructors who work with you as a tutor may develop a satisfactory impression of you which makes them a great person to turn to if you need letters of recommendation or a job reference.
  6. Maintain subject knowledge: Helping others can keep the information fresh in your head and even deepen your understanding of a subject area. In order to teach the subject to someone else, you need to break it down into smaller, easier to understand chunks which gives you a greater mastery of the material. Tutoring others in your program area can help you retain information that may show up later on a cumulative exam such as the NCLEX exam for nurses.

So, if you are finishing strong in one or more of your courses and returning to Moraine Park, be sure to consider becoming a valued peer tutor. Students interested in learning more about tutoring at MPTC can contact Mary Daley at or 920-924-6488.

Additional information can be found here.

Written by Michelle Duran
Tutoring Services Specialist