STEM in Early Childhood

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STEM in Early Childhood?

Yes, STEM is being taught to young children to set the foundation for learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This was the first semester that early childhood students learned how to incorporate STEM into classrooms for preschool children. The students from the Fond du Lac and West Bend Campuses took part in a STEM challenge to build a sturdy graham cracker house with frosting.

Here is what students are saying about the new STEM course.

“To be completely honest, I was kind of dreading STEM when I read the class description, but I really did learn a lot. This class not only helped me with my time management skills with the specific due dates for the Unit of Study project, but it also taught me things I will be bringing into my own personal classroom.  I learned what STEM is and how to incorporate it into my classroom. I also learned that in order for the activity to be considered stem it has to incorporate 2 of the subjects.”- Rebecca

“I really liked all of the hands on activities we did, as it gave me ideas of activities to add into my classroom for the kiddos.” – Allison

“I loved the STEM class. I enjoyed searching for activities that could be incorporated into the daily routine with children. I also learned that STEM doesn’t have to be difficult. Good teachers are already doing it without realizing it! I love the “Hands on- Minds on questions.” – Tammie

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Written by Anne Paradies