Students Benefit From English Composition course


I completed this class as a successful writer,” Lauren Schwefel stated.

“I believe that our instructor, Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss, provided us with quality writing tools so that we can achieve career success in the future,” Natalie Graff concluded.

Natalie Graff and Lauren Schwefel decided to share their experience in the English Composition I course to let other students know about what to expect.  “When I enrolled in the English Composition I course, I thought I already knew what we needed to know about writing. Turns out I was wrong,” said Graff, who will be graduating from the Accounting program in May, 2019. 

Lauren Schwefel, a Nursing student, also found that she would learn a lot from taking the English Composition I course.  “Dr. Rebecca Leichtfuss taught our class and emphasized to students the importance of learning the 4 C’s of Writing.  We practiced the 4 C’s of writing of clarity, conciseness, completeness, and correctness with every writing activity and assignment.  Every class period we drafted, revised, edited and proofread our writing, which helped me construct higher quality work,” shared Schwefel.

As the course continued, these students focused on learning about different types of writing, including creating professional business e-mails, completing communication case studies that required critical thinking, analyzing research studies, writing a blog, and preparing a research paper.  “Initially I was not looking forward to writing the research paper, but it became easier when our instructor taught us how to follow the writing process, which included writing an annotated bibliography, a plan and outline, and a rough draft,” recalled Graff.

Schwefel recalls that while writing the research paper she learned the importance of organization, time management, and how to determine credible sources. “When all was said and done, I could confidently write a research paper that I initially had dreaded,” she said.

Overall, these students emphasized how the English Composition I course taught them more about writing than they imagined. 

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Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor