Students share thoughts on new Thinking Critically & Creatively course

students gather in telepresence room

Students share their thoughts about new MPTC General Education course:
Thinking Critically & Creatively using Telepresence technology

This semester a new course – Thinking Critically & Creatively – is being offered as a General Education Social Science course option for students because employers continue to emphasize the need for teaching critical and creative thinking skills.  Students are able to simultaneously participate in this course via the Telepresence technology by attending class at any campus location – Fond du Lac, West Bend, and Beaver Dam during the scheduled class time on Fridays from 12:30 p.m. – 3:25 p.m.

The students taking the course this Fall semester shared their comments about the course:

“Critical thinking is crucial for success – success in your education, your career, and your life. This course, Thinking Critically and Creatively, taught me the importance of being able to effectively and critically think. I believe that this class should be offered (and even required) in every high school and college. We should be encouraging and teaching our current and future generations to problem solve, make decisions, and think critically. The importance of this skill is so often overlooked, even though it is a key to being a successful individual. I have enjoyed this class, and I would recommend it to any student because I see the benefits of this course. I realize that what I have learned was not a waste of my time, but a skill that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.”
Emma Holland, Nursing Program
Expected Graduation May, 2019

“Critical thinking should be a required class for everyone. This is something that we will always use. I think I might have made some better choices in life had this been taught to me in high school.”
Kara Laswell, Business Management/Supervision Program
Expected Graduation December, 2017

“I’m so glad I took this Thinking Critically and Creatively class. I have been able to immediately apply it in my everyday life. My boss asked me how my classes were going. I told her about this class and she said if you can learn to think critically and creatively you will be unstoppable.  MPTC hit the nail on the head; employers are looking for these skills! If you ever wonder where that box is that everyone wants you to think outside of all of the time?  Then, this is the class for you!”
Charly Mpundu, Pre-Core Nursing Program
Expected Graduation May, 2019

“Thinking Critically and Creatively is a great course. It isn’t often that a class can make you think about how you think. This class has really brought to light a whole new way of thinking for me. I now am equipped with the skills to make better decisions and solve more complex problems. I loved the interactivity of the course and how the information is taught. I highly recommend this class to anyone. Even if you struggle at first, you will still come away a better thinker.”
Eugene Mueller, Web Designer/Developer
Expected Graduation December, 2018

“I am in my last semester of school at Moraine Park, and I think it would have been beneficial to me if I could have taken Thinking Critically and Creatively in my first semester. The class has taught me how to think in a constructive and imaginative way. What I have learned in this class I think is essential in becoming a productive person all around. ”
Alicia Neitzel, Counseling
Expected Graduation December, 2017

“Critical and creative thinking is an art that takes time and practice to master. The process encourages the thinker to find the true purpose and evaluate options through multiple viewpoints. This way of thinking has personally opened my eyes to a new and exciting skill set that enhances my employability. I am very grateful that Moraine Park chose to offer this class to students because it has prepared me for success and independence!”
Amber Ribbens, Leadership Development and Nursing Programs
Expected Graduation May, 2020

“Critical and Creative Thinking is a dying art. After a few weeks in this class, I have come to learn that thinking for yourself has become obsolete. I am so grateful I have stumbled onto this class at MPTC; it has shaped me into a better thinker. I’m excited to use these skills to continue my education and in my professional career.”
Autumn Saegert, Technical Support/Network Specialist
Expected Graduation May, 2019

“What I enjoy about this class is that it makes you actively think about thinking. This has helped me view things through different perspectives and has opened my mind to new and different ways of thinking.”
Abbey Smith, General Education
Expected Graduation December, 2018

“I believe that every student should consider taking the Think Critically and Creatively course because everyone should learn to be critical thinker and to be able to critically think through a problem or situation.”
Hannah Voeller, Nursing Program
Expected Graduation May, 2019

As you can see from these quotes from students who took this course that when students are taught critical and creative thinking skills, they recognize they will possess valuable skills that employers desire.

Written by Rebecca Leichtfuss
Social Science Instructor