Succession Planning in the Water Industry

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I hope you enjoyed the July 4th activities around the State, and still have plans to enjoy the outdoors as we enter the second half of summer. For those attending our certification courses and others that have recently passed their State certification exams, congratulations. Enjoy your successes. Thank you for the emails, as your success is why we offer these important courses.

We all have heard and talked about present and projected openings in the career field. Shortages of employees are being felt here and in other States. Many times’ we are in competition with other entities that need educated employees to fill varying positions, including operations staff. We look toward consistent staffing and hope to promote strong programs that enable successful succession planning.

Here at Moraine Park Technical College, we have been training students in water and wastewater for years. With ever changing updated curriculum, great input from our programs advisory committee, and related experiences in the field, our Water Quality Technology program remains a strong valuable tool for students and potential employers. For participants in the short water certification courses, their successes with related State exams, continues to promote those efforts as well.

If you or your utility, community or organization, are considering succession planning, then please look to Moraine Park Technical College to be a part of that effort. The wheel, so to speak, has been invented and it has been quite successful, so please look to a strong, proven education, as a part of your succession plans.

Courses for the Water Quality Technology program which leads to an accredited Associated Degree, start in August. Enrollment in the online courses are now underway. For more information, visit Certification courses that prepare participants for the seven state water certification sub-grades, also start in late August. Registration is also open for those courses. View the schedule for the upcoming year here. Moraine Park credits are also transferable to 4-year schools, many of which offer online programs as well.

Finally, if you are in need of employees, please consider Moraine Park students and graduates, and consider using Wisconsin TechConnect as a posting site for each opportunity. Wisconsin TechConnect reaches out to all students throughout the Wisconsin Technical College System that are in programs related to the position offered. If you have an opening, always feel free to send it my way, and I will forward to students and graduates. I can also get you in touch with the MPTC Wisconsin TechConnect representative, who will assist you in your efforts.

Please consider our program and courses in your succession planning, as a strong education is truly the building blocks to entity and employee success.

Written by Mark Schmidt
Mark Schmidt is the Water Quality Technology Instructor at Moraine Park Technical College in Fond du Lac, WI. Mark has 40 years of experience in water and wastewater facility and systems operations, maintenance and management. Prior to teaching, his specialty was surface water treatment plant optimization. He now enjoys teaching the next generation of water quality professionals, and those in the field desiring knowledge and advancement opportunities. Feel free to contact Mark about the program at, or check out the program at