TechBot competition is a success!

Student drills during competitionEach school year, students in Moraine Park’s Mechanical Design, Process Engineering Technology, and Electromechanical Technology programs take a course together and work in teams to complete a large-scale project.  This year’s projects were to manufacture a pen in Moraine Park’s Automated Workcell, and to build a robot for the TechBot competition.

Machine manufacturing pen

Students designed and manufactured a pen using automated processes and 3D-printed tooling, with the majority of the manufacturing and assembly being done with automation.  There were also eight TechBot teams, building robots within a 15 lb weight limit designed to destroy each other in an 8’ x 12’ cage.  Another team designed bike racks to be built and used in the West Bend area.

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Student working together to build a techbot. Tech machine building a pen.

Written by Kristina Haensgen
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