The Power of Dual Credit

For many high school students, graduation means deciding on a college or figuring out what to do in a career. Cameron Groves, a senior at Slinger High School, is already one step ahead in achieving his career goals.

Come spring 2023, Groves will earn both his diploma from Slinger High School and his Electricity Technical Diploma and Industrial Wiring Certificate from Moraine Park Technical College. He took advantage of his schools’ dual credit programs, allowing him to earn college credits while still in high school.

“The field is continually changing, so as an electrician, I will be at the forefront of technology,” Groves said. “I can also assume that as I progress in my career, that I will accrue the knowledge and skill set that, if applied properly, will remain profitable. A switch install, hanging a light, wiring a system, and all the knowledge I attain will be mine forever.”

In addition to taking both high school and college level courses, it was important to Groves that he remained eligible to play high school football. This meant arranging his schedule to allow for flexibility during football season, and meeting WIAA credit standards. He took courses online and in the summer to ensure he could play and take a lighter course load during the fall season.

In Feb. 2023, Groves took the Milwaukee Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee aptitude test. Once he receives his diploma and test results, he plans to petition to join the Milwaukee Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee Union in spring 2023. Eventually, he hopes to achieve the title Master Electrician and own his own business.

“I would definitely recommend that everyone take advantage of the dual credit opportunity, as it will allow you to get a head start on your chosen career path while also strengthening your transcript and resume,” Groves said. “Being immersed in the electricity program has helped strengthen my knowledge, allowed me to demonstrate learned topics in a field setting, and afforded me opportunities to network with individuals in my chosen field.”

To learn more about how to earn college credit while still in high school, talk to your counselor or visit to learn about other MPTC offerings.

Written by Emilie Wilson