THROWBACK: Technology changes. Commitment doesn’t.

Old picture of women at a computer

It’s safe to assume you’re reading this on some sort of modern computer, or tablet or phone. Something that can probably do everything short of buttering your toast in the morning (but maybe there’s an app for that, too?!). Alas, the device you’re currently staring at can send Tweets and emails. It surfs the ever-rolling waves of the worldwide web. It can play Candy Crush. You know, important stuff.

Now fast-forward 20 years from now. Isn’t it hard to imagine what your current device will seem like then? Perhaps a digital dinosaur, at best!

That’s how we feel looking at this undated newspaper clipping about our then-new job-applicant matching system. While Moraine Park continues to be on the cutting edge of new technologies on our campuses, this photo serves as a visual reminder just how much that technology changes over time, doesn’t it?

One thing hasn’t changed over time, though, and that’s our commitment to helping people find jobs and get started on new career paths.

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Oh, and if you’re specifically interested in developing apps (perhaps one that butters toast?), check out this exciting news.

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