Transferring Credits Has Never Been Easier!

Bonnie shakes hand with lakeland rep.

Moraine Park Technical College has a longstanding commitment to providing accessible, affordable and quality education. We know that the technical education we provide here will enrich our students, and in turn, will enrich the workforce and our communities.

As a part of our mission, allowing growth beyond Moraine Park is something that we not only encourage, it’s something that we want to be able to help our students with. For that reason, we are proud to say that today, transferring from Moraine Park Technical College to a four-year college has never been easier! Lakeland University and Moraine Park Technical College have signed a transfer agreement. As a result, Moraine Park students will be able to transfer their qualifying college credits to one of the many transfer programs offered through Lakeland University. And, the best part is that our students will have many supportive representatives from both Moraine Park and Lakeland University to ensure a smooth transition. We are excited about this journey and grateful to Lakeland University for the many opportunities this provides for our students.

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Written by Kristina Haensgen
Marketing | Public Relations | Strategy | Communications | Professional Storyteller