sandy paws welding project
Sandy Paws Project Welding Students, from left to right:
 Mike Funk from Hartford
Emma Parins from Port Washington
Nicolaas Luce from Hartford
Kyle Worgull from West Bend (missing from photo)

In the Fall of 2019, Welding Instructor Steve Henderleiter began planning a service learning project for his Spring, 2020 students. Sandy Paws, the new dog park in West Bend, needed a sign.

Four students took on the project this spring, using geometry and rigging skills, as well as the welding they learned in fall semester. When COVID caused schools to shut down from mid March until mid May, it put extra pressure on Steve and his students to meet the June 30 completion deadline on their project.

Students were committed and worked hard and fast to make it happen! They put in extra volunteer hours to get the PAWS project done, plus made sure to get all their regular assignments completed.


Steve is super proud of his students! “Many students don’t get real world experience on their resume. Having this service project helps out their community, and gives them the hands on experience they need, prior to graduation. Now they will be able to find a job and handle issues that come up in welding project situations.” Associate Dean of Manufacturing Marcia Arndt stated, “So proud of the work that these students have accomplished under the constraints of limited classroom time.  Steve as always you have done amazing work with giving these students real world experience and pride in helping the community. “

Steve himself is a dog lover. Sadly, his own dog passed away during the project before the sign was complete. Students added her name and birthday onto the sign in special memory.

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Written by Anne Lemke
Student Community Impact Coordinator