Wheels of Fortune: EMS/Paramedic program gets huge donation

We’re very excited here in our Moraine Park Technical College Emergency Medical Technician (EMS) / Paramedic programs, and for good reason!

Automobile accidents, heart attacks, drowning, childbirth and gunshot wounds all require immediate, professional medical attention – and we’ve always trained our students extensively to handle these situations (and much more) with quick, competent care.

But while we’ve always been able to train our students on what to do when they arrive to these situations, until now, we haven’t been able to help them simulate the journey to get there.

Mr. Mike Krueger, president of Lifestar Emergency Medical Services, has changed that in a big way. He just donated a 2009 Ford ambulance to our Moraine Park EMS/Paramedic programs.

This generous donation will give our students the important opportunity to experience “behind the wheel” driving of an ambulance.

This is a huge deal for us, as we were not able to offer the driving experience in the past.  Previously, students graduated from our program without ever experiencing driving an ambulance.  They had to get this experience when they were hired by a fire department or private ambulance service.

We will now be able to set up a driving course on the campus parking lot so students can practice driving in a safe environment, and will begin doing so already this fall 2016 semester!

This is yet another example of how Moraine Park prepares students for the workplace, and we’re very appreciative of Krueger’s kindness and generosity. Not only does this donation help our students, but by offering them this extra training, it may quite literally have a life-saving impact within our community for years to come.

Speaking of life-saving, do you want to make this kind of a difference in your community? If so, come join us in our EMS / Paramedic programs!

In this career field, you will provide this vital attention as you care for and transport the sick or injured.

To learn more about these programs, visit morainepark.edu/programs.

Written by James Brace
Associate Dean of Human Services