When will my financial aid come to Moraine Park, and when will I get a refund?

Four females standing on Moraine Park staircase

Students often ask when their financial aid will be disbursed and their refund generated. There are a number of very good sources of this information such as the Financial Aid Award Guide and in the Frequently Asked Questions brochure you would have gotten with your award notice.

In general, the first disbursement date for the fall semester will be September 6, 2016. The first date refunds would be available for fall semester will be September 9, 2016.

There are some instances where disbursement occurs later. These scenarios include: If all of a student’s courses are late starting (for example, all second eight-week courses), their funds will be delayed until on or after November 1 for the fall semester.

Loan disbursements for first-year, first-time borrowers will be delayed until 30 days after the first day of classes. Some students may receive two refunds in their first semester (one after the date of record, and one after the 30 day delay).

Written by Julie Waldvogel-Leitner
Director of Admissions