When you hear “Boot Camp” …

Students gaining muscle memory on the virtual welders the first week of class

Boot Camp.

For some these two words have a military connotation.

But that’s not who we are.

A google image search will reveal fitness classes with people running, doing pushups, and generally sweating their way to good health.

Moving in the right direction, but with a different kind of fitness.

Part of the Merriam-Webster definition is: “a program or situation that helps people become much better at doing something in a short period of time.”

Spot on. But there’s still more.

What if, when you saw the words Boot Camp, you thought…




What if, when you heard about Boot Camp, you heard…

Nine out of ten people who start the program successfully complete.

85% of completers get job offers.

Three months could be all it takes to change your life.

And it’s all free.

That’s what we want you to hear.

We want you to know that the welding boot camps and CNC boot camps at Moraine Park provide true success stories.

When asked about the boot camps, past students used words like “life-changing” and “family”.

The twelve people who began in welding and CNC boot camps in March, and began their internships in the last week, will complete the program on June 9. With just under a month of classes complete, they are already in the field one day per week, showing their work ethics to business partners while developing their skills that they learn in the classroom.

In September, we’ll offer this same opportunity again. We’ll offer up to 30 people the opportunity to move into an entry-level position in welding or CNC. We’ll offer the opportunity to intern for a business where you show them who you are instead of telling them what you can do. We’ll offer knowledge and skills that make you fit for positions that transfer across companies and across the country. We’ll offer you a chance at success in a career where you will have unlimited opportunities for growth. Will you be there? We hope we see you at…

Boot Camp.

For more information, please visit morainepark.edu/bootcamp!

Written by Samantha Story