Why Administrative Professional?

shannon sitting at desk in moraine park

Do you enjoy working with others, have good oral and written communication skills, possess strong organizational skills, and project a professional attitude and image?

If so, we have three great reasons to consider a career as an Administrative Professional:

  1. Your role will be diverse with tasks such as managing schedules and travel, researching, organizing, preparing correspondence, and paying expenses.
  2. Salaries range from $9-25 per hour depending on location and experience.
  3. Most important, there are numerous paths we offer to help you get there: Customer Service Certificate¬†(one semester certificate) –> Office Assistant (one year technical diploma) –> Administrative Professional (two year associate degree).

And remember, you can find jobs in a variety of settings: industrial/manufacturing, service, educational, insurance, sales, human resources and government.

Interested? Apply Now! We’d love to help you start a career in this exciting field!

Written by Amy Harmsen