Not Your Daddy’s Secretary

Girl working on computer

There’s plenty of outdated myths about Administrative Professionals, Legal Administrative Professionals, and Office Assistants still floating around. Here’s a few of the most common: 

Myth #1: I will only answer phones and file papers in this type of position.

TRUTH: Responsibilities include prioritizing tasks and workflow; communicating on behalf of the supervisor; maintaining confidentiality; arranging travel and preparing itineraries; handling administrative detail for all projects; developing and testing new procedures; taking initiative on requests; preparing and controlling budgets; and, if required, train/supervise staff. You will be the heart of the business!

Myth #2: Everything I need to know I learned in high school or is common sense.

TRUTH: Our program offers many hands-on, interactive courses that incorporate real life scenarios–courses such as Business Applications for MS Office, Business Publications, Document Standards and Expectations, Document Management, Business Practice Firm, and more!

Myth #3: I won’t make much money in this type of position.

TRUTH: Wages can range from $9.54 – $27.86 depending on location and responsibilities (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Myth #4: There is no room for advancement or growth in this type of position.

TRUTH: Career opportunities could include Office Manager, Executive Administrative Assistant, Project Assistant, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, Intellectual Property Assistant, Administrative Specialist, Document Control Specialist, and more! (Source: Wisconsin TechConnect)

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Written by Amy Harmsen