Yes, really, it’s free.

graduate celebrating

Our welding boot camp is free.

Our CNC boot camp is free too.

“But that sounds too good to be true!”

I know. But it IS true. And we love to brag about it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You come talk to us about our 4 month training programs.
  2. We help you put together application materials to work with our business partners who LOVE to give internship opportunities to people who might not always get a second look.
  3. They employ you for 144 hours as an intern until the boot camp ends.
  4. You work for them and come to school with a stellar attendance record until the boot camp ends.
  5. They hire you.

“Well, that doesn’t seem too hard.”

It’s not easy. It’s intense. But it’s a great option to get a job quickly and maybe start college too! Everyone who does it right gets a job offer after they graduate.

“And what are the fees?”

There are no fees for the boot camp. There’s a college application fee – $30. That’s it.

“Aha. What other money is involved?”

Well, you do get a stipend. And you get paid for the internship.

“Paid a stipend?”

GET a stipend. $500 gross to help with whatever the internship wages don’t cover.

“What wages?”

$12/hour for 18 8-hour internship days.

“So, you’re telling me I come there, get college credits and training, connect with an employer that may not have looked my way before, get paid for an internship, receive a stipend, and have a 87% chance or better of getting a full-time, good-paying job after graduation?”

That’s the deal.

“And it’s free.”


“If that’s true, why isn’t there a line out the door?”

You know, my friend, we would love to know the same thing.

If you want to be in on this conversation, call Todd at (920) 924-3334. He’ll tell you whatever you need to know and assure you that yes, it really is free.  Visit to learn more!

Don’t wait! Application materials for those in demand jobs are due the first week in August.

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Written by Samantha Story